When marketing engages, it engages its consumers!

The acceleration of the digital transformation of companies due to COVID, has given a new opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of digital marketing.  It is essential to be interested in the talents and techniques that enable its deployment. The E-marketing show is there to guide you through the conferences, workshops and exhibitors.

Beyond the digital transformation, new aspirations are emerging to evolve towards a more virtuous, more ethical world in which companies are committed to a more resilient planet.

It is the (re)awakening of consumers who want more responsible, ecological, sustainable products and services. Under pressure from their customers, employees, investors, brands are becoming aware that they are evaluated according to their impact on the environment, the good life, social equity, the common good, inclusion… The more they commit to societal issues, the more they increase their customers’ commitment and attract the attention of their prospects.

The Purpose driven marketing illustrated by several advertisers’ initiatives, indicates that sustainable development is an integral part of the marketing and communication strategy, not just an add-on. The 17 objectives of the “Global Goals” to build a better world in 2030, have become the guiding threads for the positioning of marketing/communication campaigns. Consumers have never been more aware of the issues at stake.

The marketing “woke” increases commitment and is expressed through innovative actions. All facets of marketing/communication are aligned and value-enhancing and reinforce impact and performance with digital, social networks, artificial intelligence, data processing and platforms. In this technological world, human beings and influencers have a growing weight.

The E-marketing Paris trade show will allow you to discover brand best practices that strengthen consumer engagement during the plenary conferences and workshops.

– How to become a committed brand?

– How to collaborate with micro-influencers and communities?

– What are the new audience sensors: podcast, digital audio?

– What are the innovations on the digital?

– Why do consumers want to give more meaning to their consumption? 72% of French people think that brands should commit to a cause (88% among milleniums),

Let’s meet to share this new E-marketing Edition Paris 2021 #EMKT2021 respectful of sanitary conditions and in a beautiful dynamics of recovery!

We will reveal the results of the study on Engagement Marketing: New Brand Strategy or Real Business Transformation conducted by E-marketing Paris, the Club des Annonceurs and Cision.

Ghislaine de CHAMBINE
Exhibition Director
Stratégie Clients

Responsible for Plenary Lectures
International expert in Marketing, Digital and Social Networks.