Practice BISOU* marketing and the 3 P strategy (People, Planet, Profit)

In a world of limited resources, digital marketing could sometimes be perceived as partly responsible for overconsumption. Aware of the collective commitment required, the time has come for marketers and communicators to accompany the transition and to practice “Kissing” marketing to help consume better and limit the actions that pollute the planet.

Marketing and communication professionals,
Adopt BISOU marketing, anticipate the consumer’s questions, give him a vision of your commitment to responsible consumption, by answering his BISOU questions:

Need (to what need does this purchase correspond?),
Immediately (Can I wait before deciding?),
Similar (Do I already have an object that has this utility?),
Origin (what is the origin of this product ?),
Usefulness (Will this object bring me more ?).

  • Focus your strategy on the 3 P’s: “People, Planet, Profit” which enrich the traditional vision of the 4 P’s. Ask yourself which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is the most in line with your action and say so.
  • Change paradigms, increase performance, create new brand stories, innovate in distribution channels, use super Apps, invent offers that advocate circularity, sustainability, inclusion, repairable vs. disposable….

How to implement? Talented speakers and experts will share their experiences and advice during the plenary conferences, workshops and exhibitors’ meetings of the E-marketing Paris 2023 exhibition.

Meet us on March 28, 29 and 30, 2023 at Paris Expo Hall 5 – Porte de Versailles, to make progress together at this major E-marketing trade show held simultaneously with the European Customer Strategy trade show. Join us in a very friendly atmosphere for the second edition of the E-marketing Paris after work.

At WeYou Group, we are also committed to respecting the planet with actions in favor of the environment and inclusion in all our events. We know that sharing practices with others is a lever for progress.

We look forward to seeing you at E-marketing Paris 2023 in person,

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