When marketing engages, it engages its consumers!

At a time when consumers are (re)awakening to the need for more responsible, ecological, sustainable products and services, brands are becoming aware that they are evaluated according to their impact on the environment, living well, social equity, the common good, inclusion and so on. The more they care about the planet and quality of life, the more they increase their customers’ commitment and attract the attention of their prospects.

Purpose-driven marketing illustrated by several advertiser initiatives, indicates that sustainability is an integral part of the marketing and communication strategy, not just an afterthought. The 17 “Global Goals” for a better world by 2030, have become the guiding principles for the positioning of marketing/communication campaigns. Consumers have never been more aware of CSR issues and expect proof from brands without false pretences.

“Woke” marketing increases commitment and is expressed through innovative actions. All facets of marketing/communication are aligned and value-enhancing and reinforce impact and performance with digital, social networks, artificial intelligence, data processing and platforms. In this technological world, human beings and influencers have increasing importance. Start-ups help change the business model, push advertisers and boost the transformation of marketing and communication.

The E-marketing Paris trade show will provide a means of finding out about the best practices of brands that strengthen consumer engagement during the plenary conferences and workshops. For example:

  • How to move to the “sustainable” and become a committed brand?
  • How to collaborate with micro-influencers and communities?
  • The new audience catchers: podcast, digital audio, e-sport, and so on?
  • What are the strategies related to digital?
  • Innovation and partnerships with causes?

72% of French people think that brands should commit to a cause (88% among millennials), it’s time to move to responsible marketing.

Ghislaine de CHAMBINE
Exhibition Director
Stratégie Clients

Responsible for Plenary Lectures
International expert in Marketing, Digital and Social Networks.