Ghislaine de Chambine
Exhibition Director


At a time when consumers are (re)awakening to the need for more responsible, ecological, sustainable products and services, brands are becoming aware that they are evaluated according to their impact on the environment, living well, social equity, the common good, inclusion and so on. The more they care about the planet and quality of life, the more they increase their customers’ commitment and attract the attention of their prospects.

Purpose-driven marketing illustrated by several advertiser initiatives, indicates that sustainability is an integral part of the marketing and communication strategy, not just an afterthought. The 17 “Global Goals” for a better world by 2030, have become the guiding principles for the positioning of marketing/communication campaigns. Consumers have never been more aware of CSR issues and expect proof from brands without false pretences.

Visitors profile

Salary size

  • Less than 100 employees
  • from 100 to 499 employees
  • more than 500 employees


  • Marketing and communication Directors / Managers
  • CEO/ Owners
  • IT Directors
  • Commercial Directors / Managers
  • Communication Directors / Managers
  • Consultants
  • Others

Activity sectors

  • E-Commerce / Internet
  • Communication / Marketing / Advertising
  • Commerce / Distribution / Retailer
  • Bank / Finance / Insurance
  • Tourism / Entertainment / Sports
  • IT / Telecommunication / TIC / SSII
  • Public Administration / Local collectivities
  • Audit/ Studies
  • Others

Who's exhibiting?

A/B Testing
Analytics / Mesure d'audience
Bases de données
Big Data / Analytics
Content Marketing
Digital to store
Data Management Plateforme
E-mail Marketing
E-publicité, Retargeting
Marketing Automation
Marketing à la performance
Marketing relationnel
Mobile marketing / Multidevices & responsive design
Plateforme d'aide à la vente
Plateforme de routage SMS/MMS
Inbound Marketing
Social selling
Rich et Video Marketing / Podcast
Services et outil e-commerce
Social Marketing
Stratégie Digitale
Web Analytics

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