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 "Marketing leaders are not just growing their brands, they are trying to make the world a better place".



We are talking about Smart cities, Smart Home, Smart Phone and so on. What is Smart Marketing?


It is a good balance between the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, which has already won over 31% of French marketers, the optimisation of the omnichannel buying experience and path, the power of storytelling and the brand's unique vision that differentiates it and reinforces the impact of its actions.



 1 /E-marketing that makes the consumer "smart, the mirror effect

Change your marketing culture and share a vision to improve the world. (86% of consumers think that companies should get involved in a societal issue and of these, 64% are more motivated to buy a product from that company).

In a changing world, consumers value the benchmarks offered by brands and naturally turn to those with the most values. Those who earn their trust with the right mix of customisation and data protection. The ones that make them more daring.




 2 /A responsible E-marketing that uses social networks for Good

(As with the #LoveArmy created by Jérôme Jarre) and also develops resilience capacities in an increasingly hectic world, with the ability to create "ethics" while facial recognition, "Black Mirror" style notations, humanoid robots are solutions but also risks.




3/ An inclusive E-marketing that innovates

"Technologies are essential: voice recognition, visual, artificial intelligence, algorithm, blockchain and so on. ».




We will explore the following in the 6 plenary conferences:



           1. The power of Social: social media, social commerce, social room.

Everything happens on social networks but how do companies use them? When should social rooms be used and why? What HR strategy to implement?



2. To engage your consumers, engage your communities!

What are the causes that make the difference and how can they be addressed to strengthen the mobilisation and impact of marketing actions? From audience to engagement and lead generation.



3. Go viral:

 Coordinating and working with influencers has become a must for marketing, who are these instagrammers, YouTubers, podcasters and how do marketers use them? Which brand ambassador profiles? How to create content tailored to your marketing?



4. What innovations should be urgently included in your marketing plan ….

Voice recognition, visual recognition, robots, chatbots, drones, 3D, virtual reality, digital, etc.?



5. What are the practices of Data management one year after the implementation of the GDPR?

What creativity? What efficiency measures? Feedback.



6. What is the evolution of E-commerce, Mobile commerce, Social commerce:

 How to exist on mega platforms to sell anywhere in the world? Which supply chain solutions?



Let's meet to share face-to-face and online this new E-marketing Edition Paris 2019 #EMKT2019 





Ghislaine de Chambine


Directrice de pôle / Education, Relation Client & Marketing Digital WeYou Group




Responsable des conférences plénières - Experte internationale en Marketing, Digital et réseaux sociaux.