Connect, Disrupt and Expand Your Digital Marketing


47.5 million internet users in France (Source: Médiamétrie June 2016), 26% of online retail transactions are done on mobile devices, 69% of French people buy online and will soon buy using virtual reality.


In 2017, "digital addict" consumers became augmented consumers. Agile innovation lovers, these augmented consumers view products using augmented reality, delight in new digital experiences, express themselves on social networks and have become the best brand ambassadors through social selling. They appreciate every solution which makes their lives easier, more fun often in 4D.


How can you transform your marketing to adopt a more efficient strategy at a time when we are witnessing the uberisation and digitalisation of the economy? How can you draw the attention of your "consumactors" and increase your ROI?


Over the course of six plenary conferences and workshops, you will discover the keys to making your marketing a success in 2017, with specific focus on:


-        Data-Driven Marketing: Use the power of data through DMPs, programming-based frameworks, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, geolocation and more.


-        Trust and Cyber Security: Reassure consumers on the use of their personal data and cyber security, and use privacy for competitive advantage in compliance with the European GDPR law.


-        Social Networks, Video and Augmented Reality: Innovate with the potential of new video tools with creative, multi-screen and multi-app content on your apps and on social media such as Snapchat, Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and more.


-        Disruptive and Collaborative: Get your consumers involved through YouTubers, influencers, ambassadors. Use these communities to reach out to new audiences and make your content more viral.


-        E-Marketing Dream Team: Boost talents with the new skills of Marketing teams such as Chief Experience Officer, Augmented Reality Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Data Scientist, Lead Data Analyst, etc.


-        The 3 Es, Events, Emotion and Experience: Create value, put Emotion into the marketing equation, animate and give meaning to acquire new clients and ensure customer loyalty!


Outstanding content to inspire and drive your success in 2017 !


Ghislaine de Chambine

Head of Section / Education, Customer Relations & Marketing Digital - WeYou Group



Plenary Session Manager

 Founder of #IntFem - French Marketers

Vice Chair of ICT & Digital Economy Expertise Group for the French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCE)